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The Taweret is a necklace fit for a goddess.


The Ancient Egyptian goddess Taweret, "The Great One", is depicted by scholars and in ancient Egypt as being the protective goddess of mother and child during pregnancy and childbirth.


This gorgeous necklace has two circles in different sizes and colours .

The larger sterling silver shiny circle depicts the mother and the smaller textured gold filled circle depicts the child.


This stunning necklace would make the perfect gift for an expectant mother or perhaps for for someone who needs the motherly protection of the goddess Taweret.


Hand fabricated from 1.5mm sterling silver square wire and 1.5mm goldfilled textured round wire.

Choose from a 16 or 18 inch sterling silver cable chain with a trigger clasp.


"What is Gold filled ?"

Gold filled (also known as rolled gold) comprises a solid brass (copper and zinc) core over which gold is mechanically bonded using heat and pressure. Gold filled items must contain, by law, 5% or 1/20 of gold by weight , is more hard wearing than gold plated and suitable for everyday wear. The gold used is generally 12K or 14K. All Doodlebugzz gold filled items are 14K.

Gold filled findings and jewellery components are a fantastic way to introduce gold into your jewellery designs without breaking the bank, allowing you to make high quality items that will last for years.


All of our jewellery is hand forged using traditional silversmithing methods in the Wirral workshop.

Taweret Silver and Gold Circles Necklace

PriceFrom £46.00
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